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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Breton, White Noise Sound, Joan as Policewoman, British Sea Power, Esben and the Witch, The Joy Formidable, Iron & Wine, James Endeacott, Admiral Fallow

Hello there! Happy new year! I present to you with the first highlights package of GIITV's year! Enjoy!



Smog stained derelict buildings, cavernous warehouses and dingy, odious subways. This is the London Breton inhabit, the London they reflect in their eerie, urban atmospherics. It’s a sound that couldn’t be from anywhere but the capital, one that betrays the city-as-lifeblood in the same way early dubstep did.


White Noise Sound

Cardiff/Swasea based shoegaze/kraut rising stars White Noise Sound release their debut album this week. The album was recorded by Cian from Super Furry Animals and Pete Kember (aka Sonic Boom) of Spaceman 3 and they've gigged with some of the biggest names in the scene- Brian Jonestown Massacre, Spiritualized, The Warlocks plus many more. Their self titled debut album takes its cues from the crunching sounds, sneering blues beat meets fuzz box bite of the Jesus and Mary Chain and My Bloody Valentine on tracks like 'Sunset' and 'Blood.' Sitting them alongside more psychedelic moments of reflective sonic adventurism like the eastern vibe of 'Don't Wait for Me' and 'There Is No Tomorrow' that takes in haunted vocals, shimmering guitar motifs, and rippling horn sections. White Noise Sounds debut album is a testament to their craft and a towering achievement. We caught up with White Noise Sound on the eve of its release to get the low-down on their album, working with the legend that is Sonic Boom and Super Furry Cian, the Welsh gaze/psych scene and their plans for the future!


TIPS FOR 2011: The first two pieces in our inevitable series of reccomended acts for the new year are now on site!

Bill's Tip Tape for 2011

Hold Kiss Kill, Tom Williams & The Boat, Tribes, The Good natured, smallgang, Ben Butler & Mousepad, Moddi, Admiral Fallow, Sea of Bees

Tipping new acts is a inexact science isn't it? For every success story there's rotting NME cover from the 1990s in your attic, hopefully proclaiming Terris the 'best new band in the country.' Then there's the BBC sound of list, a industry love in that seems to further grease the wheels between mainstream media and mainstream acts, PRs and labels. And when the winner is announced(the unfortunate Little Boots et al), the BBC will obviously spend the next six months trying to convince you 'how right they were!' by instantly play listing their chosen new darlings. Then there's the music media constantly and veraciously searching for that 'next big thing' when in reality its the music that matters whether that's from a act on album one or album four.

With all of that in mind, I present to you my Tip Tape for 2011, you see we write about unsigned, small label acts all year round so these are my recommendations rather than my props to bash you round the head with or attempts to tell you how 'you heard it here first' they are just a collection of relatively new acts I like. Some of them are completely new, some under appreciated and some bubbling under the surface, all of whom I believe and I know will be producing music that is worthy of your attention in the next twelve months. And that's all there is too it ok no ulterior motive?! Ok then, with the spiel over I hope you enjoy my Tip Tape for 2011!


Tips for 2011: Reality Stars Vs Reality

Gregory & The Hawk, Daughter, She Makes War, Tristen, Napoleon IIIrd

There are similar tales of press and media manipulation throughout the history of The X Factor. No doubt many of you dismissed the show as a fix from the start, and many watching are aware that the public are not and will never be in control… What a lot of people do not appreciate is the subtle brainwashing The X Factor promotes. It’s the idea of the alternative, struggling, self-righteous pop star that does the real damage; not the façade of talent, not the threat to the charts. If you watch the show with a critical eye, mindful that this is fundamentally a program documenting the antics of the mainstream, it can provide a useful insight into something we’re trying to work against. It doesn’t matter that 1.9 million people choose in earnest to eat their tea in front of the television; it matters that a proportion of those people fail to analyze and properly comprehend what they see. The X Factor is not the route of all evil – our own ignorance is.

Hopefully my following tips for 2011 will shed a little light on the real “misfits” out there.


Our lovely sister site http://gininteacups.co.uk/ have been busy again, this time they've got Joan as Policewoman in session and interview, enjoy!!





Gin In Teacups: Where The Truth Begins: James Endeacott

As if that wasn't enough they've got James "Golden God" Endeacott talking about his time at Rough Trade, seeing the Libertines for the first time, and the wave that surrounded first Strokes album!


Highlighted Reviews:

The Joy Formidable- The Big Roar

In essence The Big Roar has been almost half a decade in the making since the trio formed in 2007. It features some sensible selections from the band’s first EP A Balloon Called Moaning peppered amongst a promising collection of eight brand new tracks. It’s read more


Iron & Wine - Kiss Each Other Clean

Sam Beam’s fourth album as Iron & Wine continues the expansion of sonic exploration that began on 2007’s excellent LP The Shepherd’s Dog. That album saw Beam add elements of reggae and psychedelia to his understated, pastoral melodies. This new record throws more influences into read more


British Sea Power- Valhalla Dance Hall

British Sea Power are one of those bands who feel like they should've been around for ages. With an unshakable following of die-hard fans who cling to every nuance of every release like ivy, you'd be forgiven for thinking these guys were some of indie-rock's read more


Esben and the Witch - Violet Cries

Having been touted as a promising new prospect for a good while now, it seems that the release of a new record and the turn into a new year have seen the indie press decide that Esben and the Witch are due for a big read more


Thirteen Senses - Crystal Sounds

When their first album, 'The Invitation', entered the UK top forty chart, there was perhaps only one direction that the once Cornish band Thirteen Senses could go with their somewhat typical Coldplay or Keane-lite mainstream indie sound and that was down. With its follow up, read more


Deerhoof- Deerhoof Vs. Evil

San Francisco avant-rockers Deerhoof celebrated their sixteen year anniversary towards the end of 2010, and in the tradition of every angst-ridden adolescent looking to make their own distinct mark on the world they have provided us with an album that sounds unlike anything they have read more


White Lies - Ritual

White Lies' debut album, 2009's To Lose My Life... was a widely revered release both critically and commercially, shooting to the number one top spot on the week of its release. A batch of ten almost perfectly crafted songs, it found its success in its read more


Tahiti 80- The Past, The Present and the Possible

Rising from the avante garde boutiques, the artisan coffee shops and the quaint galleries is a French band that ironically is not Phoenix. Where Phoenix showers you overwhelmingly with their eclectic palette of synth filled pop, there is a band that does it in a read more


Thirty Pounds of Bone- Method

There's a track on Method, the second album from multi instrumentalist Johnny Lamb aka Thirty Pounds of Bone, called 'How We Applaud The Unhappiness of the Songwriter'. This sentiment about sums up Lamb's take on the often trite and cliché ridden niche of the downtrodden read more


Alcoholic Faith Mission- Running With Insanity

Faith being repaid. A simple recursive fractal theme that comes through twice, three times in one song. The song in question is imminent new single 'Running With Insanity' by Danish band Alcoholic Faith Mission. The faith involved is when this particular band has already produced read more


Mums Of Death- Singles Round-Up 17/01/11

Hello everyone in GIITV-land! It’s been a while since a round-up which I can only apologise for – you can blame pesky real-life for that unfortunately. January is just crap, isn’t it? It’s still freezing and we don’t even have the plaything that is Christmas read more


Belle and Sebastian- I Want The World To Stop

Belle and Sebastian are such an institution they need little introduction, and their output is often a surprise. With new single 'I Want The World To Stop', the second single from current album 'Write About Love', they keep a slight ambience of twee but read more


Is / Is- This Happening EP

Is / Is have a confident slow lope about them, built on bass-lines played right up front alongside the guitar, the lead vocal of Sarah Rose sounding at times like she's shouting into a box. Given that it's three girls from the mid-west, it was read more


Lunaire- S/T EP

Lunaire have existed for a little while now, representing the darkened undercurrent of the 'real' Norwich scene, shadowed only by all the smooth edged jumped up synth-pop inexplicably given airplay and exposure in the city. It probably hasn't helped that their MySpace page (that in read more


The Human League, (We Are) Performance - HMV Picture House 15/12/2010

On the morning of the day I was set to go see The Human League, I mentioned the fact that I was going to a few friends. I was flabbergasted to be given the response ‘Who are The Human League?’ Who are The Human League?! read more


Richard Herring, Christ On A Bike: The Second Coming - Leicester Square Theatre 20/12/2010

Christ On A Bike: The Second Coming Of all the shows that Herring could ressurect this one was most definitely the most apt, and a fitting counterpoint to his recent highly publicised show Hitler Moustache; Herring referencing his journey from Nazis to Christianity is very similar read more


Does It Offend You Yeah- XOYO 10/01/2011

Fresh off the back of supporting Linkin Park in Madison Square Gardens, Does It Offend You Yeah return home for a one off night at XOYO in London. A miserable, dank January Monday night it has to be said, with no support act and only read more


The Coral, Delta Maid - Manchester Ruby Lounge 16/01/2011

They’re the band that you’ve heard and seen everywhere else. Like iRobot, you’ll see them everywhere you look. Essentially they’re the McDonald’s of the music world, regurgitating the same generic look, flooding your eyes and ears with the most painful and annoying sight, like Paris read more


Metronomy, Connan Mockasin - Manchester, Deaf Institute 19/01/2011

Let it be said right here and right now, there is no excuse at all under any circumstances for bands to be dull onstage. Case in point, three years ago Metronomy played the Roadhouse, essentially an underground pub with good taste in music, before the read more


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Cheers and thank you for reading!

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