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Sunday, 6 January 2008

Small Crew- Boxing Day/Getting Up- downloads



GIITTV singles club releases "Boxing Day" and "Getting Up" free double a-side single available on www.godisinthetvzine.co.ukf rom the 26/12/07

In its third digital release the GIITTV singles club (an offshoot label of the cult music/culture webzine www.godisinthetvzine.co.uk) releases the double A-side "Boxing Day/Getting up" from beat combo Small Crew. Released as a free digital download on Boxing Day itself (so you won't forget what it's called).

Who are Small Crew? Small Crew is Richard Adderley and Dan Edwards (formerly of bands like The Boyfriends, The Lucas Group and Vermont), although neither is necessarily on any given Small Crew Recording. Small Crew is whoever is in the room at the time when Small Crew music is being made. Small Crew can also be at the end of a phone line, in the post or on a computer, radio or television. If you aid, facilitate or enjoy Small Crew activities, you are Small Crew. Activity is currently limited to this planet but this is purely for technical reasons.

Small Crew make any kind of music depending on what's in the room or who's on the phone. They like singing and dancing and they like to keep it dirty.

Small Crew are not a collective. They are a combo. To get a straight answer visit Small Crew at:



Ever get that anticlimactic feeling on the day after Christmas Day? It seems Small Crew have. A grand piano motif, complimented by cavernous drums ushers in "Boxing Day" a glorious musical shrug of the shoulders that aches with an indefinable sadness: for a relationship that could be crumbling? For the year that's gone? Or something all together more sinister? Reminiscent of early shoe gaze, floating, melancholic half remembering vocals look out of the window and wonder why it never snows even though the world seems so cold? A hazy head smiles politely as if to say sorry for the mistakes you've made ("You wear your new bruise on Boxing day/Look in the mirror and your face is grey.") and happy eyes cover up the lies of the picture perfect family gathering….

The virtual flipside "Getting Up" in contrast is a two minute jolt of indie pop: chiming guitars and keys ring out above a chopping rhythm, knowing, breathless vocals wipe the sleep from the eyes and go to school, certain that later that day you will hit the town for dancing on a Friday night ("Until you're smoking/Until you're Drinking/Until you're kissing/Until you're staying out."). A song: about self-empowerment perhaps? By the end of the night it offers a word of advice: life isn't always that straightforward, but your day will come ("Through a thousand gloomy days/And a thousand more mistakes/ you will find your own way"). It's got a instant melodic quality remincisant of Lloyd Cole and the Commotions or Richard Hawley, and hints at the best bittersweet melodies of Belle and Sebastian. In short it's rather brilliant.

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