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Thursday, 13 November 2008



SWN FESTIVAL 2008. SWN means 'sound' especially of a loud, harsh confused kind, deafeaning noises. There will be plenty of it during this festival of music, art and film taking place across Venues in Cardiff, from the 14th to the 16th November 2008 (with opening night party on 13th November).

In its second year the event founded and organised by local movers DJ Huw Stevens and label honcho John Rostron takes on more of a local feel, rooting it self more firmly to the bosom of the Welsh music scene, thus local acts now make up the bulk of this year's line up. Alongside new buzzy indie acts: who have made the trip across the Severn and complemented by more established names on larger independent labels. Whilst this year's line up has drawn some criticism for not being different enough to many of the gigs that already take place throughout the year in Cardiff, its fair to say that if you’ve got the stamina you’ll get a lot of bang for you bucks at this year’s event.

One feels this year's SWN is attempting to bring some of what makes In The City so successful in Manchester to the Welsh Capitol, a diversity of acts that will get fans, labels, talking and enjoying new music. Whilst retaining what is interesting and idiosyncratic about Cardiff as a musical hotbed.

Cardiff residents and GIITTV writers Bill Cummings, Owain Paciuszko and Alex Skinner have been sieving for gold in SWN’s sprawling, eclectic line up. Whilst not forgetting the music documentary and music-related film nights in Chapter and multi media seminars in The Atrium building that will lead the way into the main weekend's events of SWN 08. So get your wall planner at the ready, and your marker pen poised to chart your journey through SWN, pay attention at the back, we’ll be taking questions at the end.

The Cure: Still Godlike?

The Cure recently released their new album 4:13 Dream through Geffen Records. GIITTV's deputy editor Fliss Collier looks at the new album, and considers what the Cure's new release lacks.

Reality TV can be saved
Reality TV was never meant to happen. No one ever wanted to invent it, not in it's present form, anyway. The continuous parade of desperate simpletons endlessly manipulated by cynical editing in order to grab at ratings by giving Heat Magazine something to write about, that was all an accident. The original aim of the shows now seen as pioneers of the genre was a degree of realism, whilst they were always intended to be fairly light entertainment the objective was to cover what’s real. It was a simple premise: Someone’s life is interesting enough for it to occupy all of their time, so surely there must be enough going on to fill a decent half-hour TV show.

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